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Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Yields2 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time35 minsTotal Time45 mins

 2 cups of cooked and cooled jasmine rice
 ½ green pepper, diced
 ½ red pepper, diced
 ½ onion, diced
 2 cloves of garlic, minced
 ¼ cup cashews
 5 prawns, raw or cooked
 1 egg
 5 tbsp vegetable oil
 2 tsp curry powder
 ½ tsp ground turmeric
 2 tbsp fish sauce
 1 tbsp soy sauce
 2 tsp sesame oil
 1 pinch white pepper
 1 spring onion, finely sliced to garnish
 1 red chilli, finely sliced to garnish

Slice the pineapple lengthwise to create a pineapple bowl. Cut the interior to make a rectangle and criss cross it to help scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Finely dice the pineapple pieces, and set aside. Chop the rest of the vegetables and set aside.


Heat 2 tbsp vegetable oil in a wok on high heat. Add the prawns, cook for 2-3 minutes until they turn pink. Remove from the wok and set aside. Heat another 2 tbsp of oil in a wok on high heat and crack the egg into it, fry until the egg is half cooked, break the yolk and cut into the white with your spatula.


Push the egg to one side of the wok to allow space for your rice, add 1 tbsp vegetable oil to the wok and once smoking hot, add the rice to the wok and mix well, trying to separate rice so as to remove any clumps.


Once the rice is mixed, add the veg and stir fry until well mixed. Add the curry powder, turmeric, pineapple, cashews and mix into the rice. Return the prawns to the pan, continuing to stir-fry.


Add a splash of light soy sauce and fish sauce then season with white pepper and add a dash of sesame oil, taste and adjust.

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