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Tahdig rice with potatoes in Bamboo or Sakura

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time1 hr 30 minsTotal Time1 hr 40 mins

 ½ potato
 2 cups long grain rice like basmati (use the measuring cup that came with your rice cooker)
 saffron, butter, salt and pepper, olive oil
 ½ onion finely sliced
 1 clove of garlic, crushed

Gather the ingredients together


Cut the potato into thin slices.


Finely slice the onion and crush the garlic. Fry in olive oil and leave to cool


Arrange the sliced potato on the bottom of the inner bowl so the whole of the bottom of the bowl is covered.


Add the 2 cups of rice on top of the potatoes (wash the rice first if it's needed)


Add water to the 2 cup mark for long grain


Close the lid, select the 'Crust' setting and press and hold 'Start'. For this recipe we left the Crust cooking time to the default 1 hour 30.


After a while of cooking, the rice cooker will beep (this differs depending on how the fuzzy logic assesses the cooking programme). At this point you can add saffron, butter, onions and garlic and salt and pepper (or any other spices you want) and gently mix through. Close the lid, the cooking cycle will continue


The rice cooker will beep to signal the end of the cooking cycle.

Carefully tip the Tahdig onto a plate and serve. The best way to do this is put the plate on top of the bowl like a lid, then using oven gloves or a tea towel, carefully tip the bowl upside down and the Tahdig will fall easily onto the plate.


This recipe is best made with a minimum of 2 cups of rice, you can scale the recipe up to make the full 8 cup capacity if you want to. If you do cook the full capacity, you may need to set a longer cooking time.

You can also replace some of the water with stock instead

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