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Mixed rice (rice with vegetables)

Yields1 Serving

 2 cups Long or short grain rice
 1 tomato (skin peeled off)
 ½ carrot (chopped)
 ¼ different colour peppers (chopped)
 1 cup frozen peas

Put 2 cups of rice into the inner bowl (use the provided measuring cup). Fill to the corresponding line on the bowl with water


Place the peeled tomato in the middle of the bowl on top of the rice and water. Add the other chopped vegetables on top.

Close the lid and select long grain (white), short grain setting (for which ever type of rice you are using), close the lid and press start.


When the rice cooker beeps, lift the lid


Break the tomato up and mix the rice and cooked vegetables together


Add soy sauce, black or white pepper and any other seasoning you want to add at this point and mix into the rice and vegetables well.


Serve as a tasty side dish to a main meal or for a healthy lunch.