Some models of Zojirushi rice cooker have a cake baking function -  NS-TSQ10 and NS-TSQ18 and also Yum Asia's Sakura. This cake baking function makes a fantastic cheesecake.

Thank you to Jan on the Yum Asia team for the experimentation and recipe for this yummy fudge cheesecake which is a winner with us.

(The ingredients in brackets are for the 1.8 litre versions of rice cookers)

  • 200g (300g) Cream cheese
  • 50g (70g) sugar
  • 30g (50g) sugar – for beating egg whites
  • 3 pcs (5 pcs) eggs – separate egg yolk from white
  • 30g (50g) all purpose flour – sifted
  • 30ml (40ml) fresh cream
  • 4 tsp (2tbsp) lemon juice
  • vanilla extract to taste
  • 20g (30g) butter melted
  • butter for greasing inner bowl

1. Grease the inside of the inner cooking bowl lightly and evenly with butter

2. Soften cream cheese at room temperature or put in microwave for 30 seconds

3. Place cream cheese in a bowl and mix with wooden spatula until it becomes smooth. Add sugar and blend with wooden spatula.

4. Add yolks one at a time. Blend in sifted all purpose flour, fresh cream, lemon juice, vanilla extract and melted butter. At this point add a good sprinkling of tiny fudge pieces.

5. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until foamy. Gradually add sugar until whites begin to hold their shape as a meringue.

6. Gently fold meringue into the cream cheese mixture – do this very, very slowly (this makes sure the cheesecake stays nice and light).

7. Pour the batter into the inner cooking bowl and hit the bottom with the palm of your hand several times to release the air bubbles in the batter. Place the inner cooking bowl into the rice cooker and close the outer lid.

8. Press the MENU button and select the CAKE menu setting. Press the COOKING button and set to the cooking of 60 minutes for the 1 litre models, 80 minutes for the 1.8 litre models.

9. When baking completes, allow to cool then place hand on top of cheesecake inside pan and carefully tip out, then slip it onto a ready made sweet pastry case or onto a biscuit base. You can either serve as is or pour a chocolate fudge sauce over the cake (like in the above picture).

This fudge cheesecake can be cut into portions and frozen successfully. This is what the fudge cheesecake looks like without any sauce.